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Tumbleweed Colorado is dedicated to quality workmanship, customer satisfaction, creative products and practical solutions! This dedication to quality and commitment to excellent customer service directly contributes to Tumbleweed's success!

upholstery wing back chair by tumbleweed Over the years the Tumbleweed product line has grown from upholstery and refinishing furniture into a wide variety of support products such as custom wooden creations, specialty decorative boxes and classic gifts created in a variety of hardwoods and exotic woods.

Custom upholstery and finishing has become the cornerstone of multiple creative outlets at Tumbleweed. Breathing fresh, new life into a tired piece of furniture brings indescribable satisfaction to both the client and the Tumbleweed artisan.

It's great! Everyone wins!

Successful upholstery projects have included single pieces that need minor face lifts to entire color coordinated commercial medical office waiting room accommodations and just about everything in between.

wood box with lined drawers by tumbleweedRefinishing the wooden elements of the furniture provided the rich transition into creating custom wooden products at Tumbleweed. Over the years, the woodcraft product line has grown substantially and yet remains reasonably priced and maintains the same high quality finishing as when it was merely conceptual.

Beautifully finished classic accent pieces, elegant wood gift ideas, creative wooden jewelry boxes and utilitarian products enhance projects. Oftentimes, these finishing touches help complete a beautiful room bringing continuity and style to the interior design. It's also why Tumbleweed has expanded over the years to be able to provide a unique and elaborate woodcraft collection.

As has been the tradition, Tumbleweed Colorado encourages special requests, customizing any product in the standard wood product category. The challenge of inventing a new solution, providing a custom design or creating an original art concept is always welcome. Please contact Tumbleweed with your request.

"There is just no substitute for the warmth, beauty and splendor of natural wood."

Unique woodcraft projects and woodworking art brings a wonderful and natural expression to the room. Functionality and design are obvious benefits and a subtle advantage comes forth in the actual beauty of the natural wood. Wood crafting is an art using a natural element and gifts are endearing when a specific wood is chosen to convey style or when a pattern of multiple wood choices are arranged to depict a certain elegance.

Please contact Tumbleweed Colorado with any questions about capabilities, products and price estimates. Please see the services page for more information about the ordering, delivery and payment process. Discover how Tumbleweed Colorado craftsmanship can benefit you!